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LED Lighting

Designed and engineered right here in Australia, Cherry Energy Solutions provides advanced commercial LED lighting technology, to reduce business energy costs, whilst transforming your working space. With electricity prices continuing to rise, and growing commercial concerns for the environment, thousands of businesses across Australia have benefited greatly from upgrading their inefficient lights to commercial LED alternatives. We have now installed over one million LED lights nationally.

Your business will benefit by investing in commercial LED technology, and Cherry Energy Solutions is here to help you make the best decisions along the way. Reduce your commercial lighting costs by up to 75% simply by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.
Cherry Energy Solutions supply the best commercial LED solutions based on your individual requirements, with our extensive range of commercial LED lights provided by our wholesale brand, littil LED lights.There are also several state government incentives and distributor incentives that can keep your business cash flow positive while you are saving money!

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Switching to LED lighting is one of the easier and cheaper ways to keep your business expenditures down. LED lights save up to 75% of energy costs in comparison to halogen and incandescent lights. With multiple incentives, the quick return on investment turn-around makes LED light upgrades an easy business decision.


Industrial spaces generally require a high lumen output and installing LED lights is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve OH&S conditions by creating a brighter and safer working environment. LED lights also last for over 50,000 hours and will reduce annual maintenance costs dramatically.


We aim to support crucial governmental institutions and all their lighting needs. In hospitals, specific LED lights can help identify patients with illness and disease. We provide COI panel lights that can help doctors identify Cyanosis in patients. This can be pivotal in saving lives.


Incentives and/or rebates can reduce your capital or operational cost and payback period together with increasing savings (more money in your pocket) and ROI. There are federal, state and distributor incentives to support and encourage businesses with energy efficiency. In most cases, businesses will be eligible for multiple incentives and can benefit from additional savings on top of their reduced energy costs from LED upgrades.


All installations in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and beyond are completed by accredited A Grade electricians and accompanied by Electrical Safety Certificates, all backed by comprehensive warranties. There are also multiple state-specific incentives available, on top of federal government and distributor incentives, that reduce the cost of upgrading to LEDs and increase your ROI.


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