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Energy Management

Cherry can review your businesses’ energy consumption to ensure you’re not paying more than needed for electricity, We offer a free network tariff analysis and a recommendation on Power Factor Correction and/or Voltage Optimisation, exclusively to clients as part of our services when you purchase any of our other energy efficiency solutions!

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor is the ratio between the real power your business requires and the apparent power required in order to supply it. If you have a good Power Factor, then your systems are running efficiently and your distributor is supplying you with only the power you require.

If you have poor Power Factor, you need to be supplied with more apparent power in order to receive enough real power to run your equipment. Ideally, Power Factor will be as close to 1 as possible. Generally, a Power Factor of 0.97 or below is classed as “Poor Power Factor” and the Network Operator will penalise the business accordingly.

Cherry can install Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment to reduce the amount of kVAs your business is supplied from your distributor and lower the demand charge on your bill. Power Factors can often be as poor as 0.5. The poorer the Power Factor, the bigger the benefit of installing a PFC Unit and the quicker the payback. Anything below 0.95 and there is likely to be a strong case for a PFC Unit (particularly in QLD and rural NSW).

Energy retailers source electricity from different sources. Please review each company’s corporate policy to make sure they support renewable energy sourcing.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is an electricity saving technique or device that controls reduction in the voltages received by a commercial energy consumer.

Options include a fixed voltage adjustment or electronically regulating voltage automatically.

Voltage Optimisation systems are usually installed in series with the mains electrical supply to buildings and should be sized correctly for specific supplies.

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To keep commercially competitive, it is imperative for businesses to keep their overheads low. Working with us will ensure your business pays only for the energy you need and does not get overcharged on additional supply for your equipment and operations.

After an inspection, we will be able to advise your business of your Power Factor rating and if PFC equipment is recommended.


With high consumption equipment and long operating hours, the last thing you need is to be paying extra for energy you don’t require. With Power Factor, you can tell if your equipment is being supplied with what it needs or if PFC equipment will provide cost savings.


Power Factor Correction will ensure you are using energy as efficiently as possible and paying only for what you need. With some governmental institutions operating long hours, PFC will reduce your power bills at no additional cost!

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